What Happy Clients Are Saying…

We hope to start the New Year right by sending this long over-due and most sincere thank you for helping us wade through the intricate world of financing the purchase of real estate! We’ve just realized that our association goes back more than 10 years!

You have given us extraordinary service even when it involved an extremely difficult transaction for one of our family members. Whether our requests involved a new purchase or a refinancing problem, you’ve always been there for us---knowledgeable, prompt and cheerful. The fact is, Shelly, you’ve spoiled us!

Hope you can use this letter. Everything is the gospel truth! Please stop by for a visit soon!

Art & Mary
Northridge, Ca.

Shelly, we are enjoying our 8th year in the house with your help! Thanks again!

Robert, Kim & Rich
Burbank, Ca.

Shelly, you have made home buying so easy! I might try it again some day because of this wonderful experience. Thanks for everything you’ve done.

Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Shelly, I just received word that my loan funded today. I can’t thank you enough for your assistance with this transaction. I know it takes a great deal of oversight and diligence to close a purchase transaction in 3 weeks and I thank you for your hard work. I so appreciate you keeping me informed every step of the way and for insuring that I received the best rate and terms possible on my loan. The process was absolutely painless and stress free.

Once again you have been a pleasure and delight to work with, and if I should have the need for mortgage services in the future, you will be my first call.

Long Beach

Shelly, you are a genius! Thanks to your guidance and recommendations I avoided a very costly mistake! I now live in the home of my dreams and have an unbelievable interest rate. I will never be moving again, but you can bet I will be referring everyone I know to you! I just can’t thank you enough, you are the best!

Newport Beach, Ca.

We are thoroughly enjoying our newly remodeled home thanks to you and your skillful analysis of our financial situation and recommendations of how to best accomplish our goals. We have always felt our association with you has given us valuable insight into our finances and you have done it again! As always, it has been a pleasure to work with you.

If you are ever in our area, please stop by, we would love you to see our beautiful “new” home!

Patrice and Jim
Sacramento, Ca.

Shelly, keep making people happy.

Glendale, Ca.

We just wanted to tell you again how much we appreciated your assistance with our recent refinance. You made everything so easy! We feel like we really got a great deal and you made it all happen.

We just wanted to update you on what has happened since. After closing the loan we went up to the lake for a 3 day weekend and visited 12 – 15 houses. We settled on the one we had seen during the summer and closed the escrow as cash buyers thanks to the cash-out from the refinance. It’s a cabin in the big trees on an acre with almost no neighbors and across the street from the lake. We’ve enclosed a picture. Anyway, thanks to you we are heavily in debt again. You have done this for us several times. You are the best!

Hope all is well, please stay in touch. We’ll call again. Thanks again for all your help!

Odus & Michelle
Northridge, Ca.

To Whom It May Concern:

Shelly Klimusko has helped my husband and I refinance our home three times in the past seven years. Each time has been a pleasant and rewarding experience. She is always very clear and upfront in explaining various options, fees, rates, details and any questions that may have come up. Shelly is always cheerful, responds promptly to phone messages, and is extremely knowledgeable of her business. She made it so simple for us the first time we refinanced, that when the interest rates improved, we didn’t hesitate to refinance again.

Shelly must have excellent relationships with the people she does business with from the appraisers to the escrow officers to the actual lenders, because everything runs so smoothly. She is very accommodating, and even had a traveling notary come to our home with the documents to be signed.

I would recommend Shelly to anyone who is thinking about refinancing. I have enjoyed working with Shelly and will continue to work with her in the future. She is professional and is not pushy. I haven’t yet personally met Shelly as I have only worked with her over the phone, but I feel that I can trust her like a personal friend.

Huntington Beach, Ca.

Shelly, Your patience, encouragement, and professionalism made our refinance rather painless. I believe we got a “good deal” and only regret the delay due to our bank, Bank of America.

I know you and Dan didn’t meet until after two or three refinancings. I hope we don’t have to wait that long. Many thanks and warm regards,

Los Angeles, Ca.

We just got back from seeing the house one more time. We will make an offer tonight. Thanks so much for your help so far every step of the way. You are a Godsend!!!

Valencia, Ca.

Shelly, thank you so much for all you did on both of our home purchases. Everything went so smoothly and was handled without any problems. Even the vacation home in Palm Desert was coordinated well to help avoid any extra trips out to the desert while we were busy getting organized in the new Canyon Country house. As in the past, you have again done a great job for us and we really appreciate it! We can’t wait for you to come and visit!

Jeff and Denise
Canyon Country, Ca.

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